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Published on June 29, 2015

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Magic iRIID

Technology astonishes us from the beginning of this century. As the days are passing by the improved and better features are indulging in the technological devices. At the early stages desktop computer got over whelming response due to its error free and fast arrangements for the human based issues. Later on cell phone and then smart phone ease up the communication and eradicate the distances. This year brought numerous technological advancements and made life more leisure than before. Apps and software�s are necessary component of the smart phone, laptop and desktop, one of which is recently developed to provide comfortable use of computers.


The name is MAGIC iRIID; it builds a virtual interface in front of the user. This virtual interface is in range of approx. 25cm in front of the user. Basically Magic iRIID regulate a virtual keyboard interface on the windows operated applications. This magic miracle is a manmade invention that also provides virtual based feedback to help you guide about the right key selection. You just have to move your hands to touch that virtual interface and push to click on the keys displayed on that virtual keyboard. This type of virtual device can be carried with you wherever you are traveling, avoiding that heavy baggage of manual keyboards and wire for installation. The automation of Magic iRIID provide support and help to travel your business or other executive fields with you, without any extra carriage.


Magic iRIID is best option for business owners, entrepreneurs and real time movie fans. Those who are madly in love with electrifying and exhilarating science fiction movie and want to experience the tangible view of it surely grab this Magic iRIID for the next stimulating movie time practice. Whether you want to use Magic iRIID for the business or personal use it brings devastating and reassuring feature in your manual lifestyle. Whether it is trade show discussions, historical art and science workrooms, entertaining music movie theaters or conducting the hi-tech business conferences, Magic iRIID will examine the counterproductive mechanism and ensure improved quality when using windows operated application on that levelheadedly available Magic iRIID.


Substantial features of Magic iRIID

  • Magic iRIID provide efficient display of windows settings, customized color and teleport program among the computers.
  • An outstanding feature of input protection, with Magic iRIID, gestures input can be locked though password safety.
  • With hand sign function virtual key can be hold with the actions of your hands.
  • � Allow repetitive click on the same key for power points presentation significantly.
  • Within the censor camera view user is allowed to move, sit or even walk around under the camera�s range.


Magic iRIID apps are tested and scientifically proven to acquire multitasking feature in order to provide quality assurance and guaranteed functionality experience within your budget. A smart option that helps in making communication, work and leisure an all-time experience.


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