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Published on June 30, 2015

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Mydison Limited

Mydison Limited is a company that is owned by the creative inventor Hsien-Hsiang Chiu, who lives in Ontario, Canada. With his expertise in system design he has created several products and autonomous robots that are not only aimed to make lives of the users easier, but to also add a little bit of flair to them.


His unique ideas also have patents in US and Canada, and one of such invention is called iRIID Gesture Interface Robot. This is basically a robot that reads the hand gestures of the humans and analyzes them and uses them as input to the computer. Since the robots are intelligent, they do not face difficulties in measuring the body dimensions of the humans and easily create a virtual interface. Perhaps the best thing about this product is that a user does not require any additional hardware to make use of this robot. Moreover, the commands are so simple that a user does not have to memorize any special commands to execute them. This product was so innovative that it even won a couple of gold medals in the INPEX Jury Awards that took place in 2014 in USA.


Magic iRIID is another technology product from Mydison which provides a virtual keyboard interface that helps the user in controlling the computer just like it is done in sci-fi movies. All you have to do is stand in front of the Magic iRIID, and this technology will allow you to make selections on computer and push click keys with hand movements.


These products by Mydison are basically created for a variety of users. Yes, the sci-movie fans will probably be the most amused by this technology, but this can also be of great use for people who are business owners or at executive level positions and just want to get done with things easily. With new app from Kinect, users can use hand gestures to control different applications on the computer such as media player, Microsoft Word applications, calculator and even Skype.


Using Skype through this technology is actually quite interesting since is allowed to have a virtual phone interface right in front of him for Skype. Some of the things you can do on Skype through this app and technology are making phone and video calls. You can also conveniently send text messages to the people in your contact list.


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