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Published on July 2, 2015

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The Revolution of Technology - Magic iRIID for Skype

"�This is a highly sophisticated conference room with several delegates are present in smart dresses and their faces represent an unparalleled confidence. Mr. X gets up from his seat with poise and starts video conferencing via Skype. As soon as he reaches near to the rostrum, a virtual keyboard appears in front of him and with the same buoyancy he starts the conference�����"

While reading the story, you might be thinking that it is a description of some latest science fiction movie. However, dear reader, you are wrong. This is a real life story and Magic iRIID has initiated a revolution in the world of technology. The technology that you have been waiting for, and looking in science fiction movies and comics since decades has now taken up the form of reality. Virtual Keyboard Interface to Control Computer like Sci-Fi Movie can be in your hands now. Now you can utilize the features of Magic iRIID automatic user measurement and can establish Virtual Interface to control your system. New miraculous technology now creates an interface at approx 25 cm distant range in front of the user.

Now, like a boss you can calibrate virtual keyboard for control Windows applications operations. Magic iRIID is The Best virtual interface program for people who love science fiction movies and want to control their computer and enjoy the fantasy of Sci-Fi movie entertainment style. New Kinect Software Application enables you to control computer, move hands to gesture click on virtual command keys of Microsoft Media Center, Media Player, PowerPoint, and Windows Calculator programs and Skype for Desktop program on windows 8.

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