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Published on July 13, 2015

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Three Types of Virtual Keyboard Interface

With the revolutions made by the technological modification in different platforms of communication and data transfer, new latest and advanced gadget has made life so much easier and full of leisure these days. The newest feature in these technological markets becomes old and outdated with in the count of days. Still some of this advancement had remained an ever green and necessary option one of which can be marked as virtual keyboard.

Three types of virtual keyboard interface on the market.

  • 1. Software keyboard shows on screen.
  • 2. Laser light project keyboard on surface to be touch.
  • 3. Computer video vision 3D virtual keyboard interface.


Type 1: Software Keyboard  

This type of keyboard that had reached to a vast range of global markets, will surely be astonished through the potentials and abilities of this remarkable invention. Not only a benediction for computer but also by transforming the ways smart phone and PDAs were used, providing a power to maximize the ability of computing command of these software keyboards.


Type 2: Laser Light Project Keyboard  

The device uses laser light usually to project a full size QWERT keyboard on a flat surface available for palmtops computer, PDA or smart phones. These also can be integrated on the mobile phones that provide ways to allow this type of technology. Similar to the conventional keyboard, virtual keyboards allow you to type email or long text.


These laser keyboards are offering their compatibility with different devices and smart phones, also further developing so as to gather a wide market for this virtual keyboard. The quality of these keyboards is different with versatile models.


Type 3: Computer video vision 3D virtual keyboard  

Using computer video vision to detect user hands: simply, select and click on virtual keys in front of users. There is a new computer video vision 3D virtual keyboard interface invention now available. The new user interface innovation application name is called Magic iRIID. Magic iRIID is the ultimate choice for virtual keyboard interface products. This virtual keyboard performs same as the manual keyboard does. With its patented iRIID Puzzle Cell Mapping technology, user can easily tap the virtual keys, provide a realistic click key feedback sound and instruct the computer command to operate electronic machines. Magic iRIID is a smart option that revolutionize your life whether it is connected to business environment, multimedia, fitness, business video conference, internet phone call, for sending text message to your business clients ... a variety of application etc. It's smart way, to perform superior business presentation and without the need to hold phone; for example. you can make video conference call, send SMS message etc. These represent a major breakthrough for consumer electronic and business communication.


Want to enjoy ultimate movie time experience? Just grab copy of Magic iRIID and get inspired with the thrilling, electrifying and exaggerating experience. Magic iRIID is one of the most advanced virtual keyboard interface and using Microsoft Kinect sensor. The best virtual keyboard interface Kinect App for people who are great fan of movies and want to enjoy the dream of science fiction movie with their desire control. Magic iRIID provide dream come true computer interface at an affordable price. Unlike what other products that you have try before. You must try Magic iRIID so as to experience this real cool App.


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