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Published on July 13, 2015

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Top 3D Video Vision Gesture Technology - iRIID is Using Microsoft Kinect Sensor

Gesture recognition is a way for computers to begin to understand human body language and allowing us to use new types of user interfaces that greatly surpass text user interfaces and modern graphical user interfaces in their potential, ease of use, and intuitiveness.


Gesture recognition lets users communicate directly with their devices naturally without the need for any additional input devices. You can imagine yourself gesturing to raise a volume of your music or change TV channel with your own hands.

  Today, gesture recognition is being applied primarily in gaming, consumer electronics and automotive sector. There is also a substantial potential for application in defense, healthcare and retail sectors.


Microsoft's Kinect has made its way into our living rooms when it was first released on February 1, 2012. It enables users to control and interact with their console/computer without the need for a game controller through gestures and spoken commands. This technology quickly found its way beyond just gaming and entertainment which led to a creation of Kinect for Windows. Combining the latest Kinect sensor and SDK, Kinect for Windows wants to bring an immersive voice and gesture solution to healthcare facilities, retail stores, public spaces, and more.


Microsoft making a lot of effort to support developers and innovators in the field of gesture recognition software. A new Microsoft Kinect App, Magic iRIID, by Mydison Limited is a revolutionary computer video vision 3D virtual keyboard interface that lets you control your computer like you see in Sci-Fi movies.


The iRIID invention using patented Puzzle Cell mapping method and the software works by automatically establishing a Virtual Interface approximately 25 cm in front of the user and letting him control his software in a more natural way than with a traditional keyboard and mouse set-up.


There are unlimited possibilities for its application with the best examples being seminars and presentations, retail stores, graphical designers presenting their products to clients, and even entertainment businesses among many more.


Magic iRIID can build virtual control panel comes with integrated virtual commanded keys for Microsoft Media Center, Media Player, PowerPoint, Skype for Desktop, and Windows Calculator.

All you need to have to run Magic iRIID with Kinect for Windows v2 sensor. Your computer should have a reasonably modern hardware but unless you have a truly old computer you do not need to worry. The application is fully compatible with Windows 8 and you can download a 7 days free trial from

Magic iRIID offer virtual control panel interface for Windows Desktop apps. Developers who desire a virtual user interface for their application can submit their proposals at The email should include a description of your application with a list of features and functions. You should also state how big your user group is and if your app is free or not. Your application will then be reviewed and processed.

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